yeah I know its old news but yeah I do need to get this post out of the way before i can jump ahead to more recent times :3

So a month ago i Got my car.
A pearl white Nissan Silvia S14 its a powerful and sexy beast. Its a good deal more car than ive had before.. and its mine to chuck around to my heart's content :3

So yeah I intend to learn how to go sideways eventually... I mean I live in the place where Initial D was set.. I have an S14... it would be wrong to not try drifting :p yeah tho to be fair just driving quick on Haruna is tonnes of fun.

These were taken on the first day i got her.

I got a loan that i will need to pay off over a year but the lack of money compared to other ALTs is worth it. Besides I can see Osaka next year... I'm here for a minimum of 3 years.

I really like this car :3

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