7 Days 7 Minutes (2013-12-16)


MONDAY 00:00:00 - My cam timing is off.
TUESDAY 00:01:00 - More Tech Woes
WEDNESDAY 00:02:00 - Mission Mungness - Yokohama to Osaka to Akita in a day
THURSDAY 00:03:00 - North of the Wall
notFRIDAY 00:04:00 - Freestyle BMX
SATURDAY 00:05:00 - Forever Alone
notSUNDAY 00:06:00 - Sheer Beauty


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Shots #103 The Monolith



The Halcas Building in Tennoji, Osaka is rather ominous.


7 Days 7 Minutes (2013-12-09)

I’ve been busier than a cop in Hillbrow on New Year’s Eve.. this is a week late... but better late than pregnant.

MONDAY 00:00:00 - More Shibuya
TUESDAY 00:01:00 - WORK! (Not a Job)
WEDNESDAY 00:02:00 - Best friends are best.
THURSDAY 00:03:00 - Home
notFRIDAY 00:04:00 - Driving in Gunma
SATURDAY 00:05:00 - Bang the Drums
SUNDAY 00:06:00 - Hot Pot


Shots #102 Delayed

There was a suicide at Nishi Kawaguchi Station in Saitama today. I got some interesting, freaky and even a few gory shots… For some reason, I like this one best.


One Day back home.


I had a freelance job that sent me to Gunma. It gave me the chance to recharge my mind and give me a much needed boost to get through my new life in the capital cesspool. I stayed the night with Yoshitatsu and managed to meet up with Tatsuya and Tsubasa. Talking cars and shooting the shit till 2am in the freezing cold brought back so many good times!

Shots #101: Unimpressed Cat is Unimpressed

Unimpressed Ca


Japan How It Is - Guitar Heaven - Ochanomizu, Tokyo

Msumungo, A subscriber of mine suggested I check out the Ochanomizu are a in Tokyo for a 7 Days 7 Minutes video. As it turns out it was a pretty epic place so I made a longer video.

If you play the guitar. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy.


7 Days 7 Minutes (2013-12-02)

MONDAY 00:00:00 - Panasonic Woes
TUESDAY 00:01:00 - Backup Body Tests
WEDNESDAY 00:02:00 - Omotesando
THURSDAY 00:03:00 - Mission Mungness
FRIDAY 00:04:00 - Cyclists are a Plague
SATURDAY 00:05:00 - Hot Candy
SUNDAY 00:06:00 - Random Sunday

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Let them eat cake ~5 hit combo~

  And by them… I mean us.

P1040891 P1040892P1040895P1040893P1040897  

Incidentally If you want some of the epic Apricot Jam we used, hit up Kyouhoen’s Facebook Page.


7 Days 7 Minutes (2012-11-25)

MONDAY 00:00:00 - Want Music?
TUESDAY 00:01:00 - GINZA
WEDNESDAY 00:02:00 - Winter Drive
THURSDAY 00:03:00 - Akiba Article
FRIDAY 00:04:00 - A Painful Car indeed
SUNDAY 00:06:00 - Piece of Shit Camera

Tuesday Tune: お願い (Onegai) By MANNY MARX http://mannymarx.bandcamp.com/track/onegai
You can get his music free... or you can pay however much you want.

Wednesday link: Japan How It Is: Fukui City http://youtu.be/nH6P4PO55fU

Friday link: My Article on PC World: http://goo.gl/7MshcP