Shots #7 Reflections at Sunrise


Catching first train from Tokyo in winter reveals the beauty of things that are taken fro granted.



Sometime in the wee hours of the 28th of May 2010, The Gimp died. It was going to happen soon enough. Didn’t expect it THAT soon.


Josh and Lana came by that night and we put him in the ground next to my house.


I’m a Pussy Magnet

And I don’t even like cats…

Meet The Gimp. It adopted me at my Japanese Birthday Braai. It has a messed up back half and a blind (or so it appears) right eye. As a result was not too good at the street cat life. We fed it and in the end I decided to keep it. Tried the indoor thing but I seem to be allergic to it so I set it up outside, and with much appreciated help from Lana, am feeding it. It was definitely a pet once and is rather loving and friendly.
If it wasn’t so un-beliebly messed up I would probably just chase it away, after all it’s a cat and this doormat aside, I tend to dislike the species. But hey. its fluffy.
I Will keep it up till it hobbles away, sneaks under a passing car or succumbs to one of the many little ailments that seem to be plaguing it.


Shots! #5 Doggy Accessories with an Engrish Twist.


Appropriate name for a dogcessory shop. and to describe the women who buy the rats that wear this stuff :p


Montecasino in Japan! Venus Fort, Odaiba.

Before I went home, when I was last in Odaiba, we went through to Venus Fort (I have the urge to call it Venus Frot for some reason, even though I like the place)
The big deal for me was the uncanny similarity between it and Montecasino back in SA. Basically the whole indoor outdoors Italian jive. I am willing to bet that there is a link somewhere but to be honest, I couldn’t give two shits in a chardonnay.
I was rather homesick at the time (read: the tail end of a bitter winter) and anything that reminded me of home, even the places I where the scum gathers was refreshing.
I must say however, I did enjoy the place a whole lot more and unlike Monte, I actually cannot wait till I go back there again. Not so much for the decor or shopping, but the Food. Russian food in particular.
I ate my first ever Borscht and Josephine Henrietta Christ!!! it was good. Every bite down to the last drop of soup. Spectacular. And it was not just my naive tongue either. Luka has experience from the old country and he agrees that this food does the Motherland proud.

in soviet russia, food eats YOU!


Tune Tech ~ Independent BMW Specialists



Nobody in SA does Bimmers better.


And that is no Joke… If you rolling in one of Adolf’s best and live in South Africa, there is nobody better to take your ride to. I am not just saying this because they are family.


Stopped by the workshop just before closing and snapped some snaps… Pity I don’t have any footage of the jet turbine 1 series race diesel (I shit you not) car or the crazy production car that won it’s first race the other month.


Since the petrolhead in me was truly unleashed here in Japan I the pride and respect I have for my family and the heritage of speed that goes with it has grown tremendously. While my surname does not show for it, I feel the Sing blood pumping in my veins when I hear the roar of a powerful engine.



Shots #4 The Grotto

I cannot remember how many years it has been since it has been this clean. Really.



Shots! #03 Me Love You Long Time!


We all knew Tubby was a whore. But THIS!?

The picture says it all.


Ours is the Hubbly that will smoke through to the heavens!

It has been around 21 months since I was last in Johannesburg. I was not driven home by choice but rather by circumstance. Matt’s death was hard on my system and Bryan’s death pushed me to a level of negative emotion (for lack of any simple explanation of the tumultuous pain of losing a brother) I was spinning out of control.

I had the money.
I found the ticket.

I went home for 8 days.

I am not going to go on about the reasons anymore. Those that understand, do.

On my first night back in the city of gold (or as it was on that day, The city of Cold) Trio and Tyrone brought me the best birthday present I have ever gotten (apart from the one My mom gave me at 7am 30/04/1984 and the one my Dad gave me 9 months prior)
The hubbly circle was as complete as it could have been with Cody in Yank and James doing whatever it is James does with his life these days… Tubby filled in for them so its all good :p
I have changed drastically in the past 21 months but there are some things that can not be beaten. and sitting at that table in the yard with your brothers of blood and brothers of steel.



Return of the Jedi

So I am back in japan. Expect many updates and such. Just thought I would share with you a picture of docomo's latest use of valuable Shibuya wall space.

No. I don't get it either. Unless they are trying to associate docomo with Vader's boss, the galactic emperor.

Does that make Softbank the rebel alliance?

-- Blogged in the field.

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