Japanese National Cricket Team


They have one. Who’d have thunk it. Now if only it could gain traction here. Baseball is too slow and gets terribly boring after a while.

What exactly goes into whey protein?


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Anyone who has trained seriously knows that the only way to build and maintain muscles is protein. Getting enough protein is difficult so supplements like Whey have been developed to provide enough fast acting protein to take your training to the next level.


What exactly goes into this miracle and essential food stuff?

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Portraits #02




The Great A’tuin

As promised.

IMG_0961 I had to do a listening exercise with my 3rd year Junior High schoolers so I decided to get their creative juices flowing. I describe an image that I have and they draw it. Just so happens that the picture I chose to describe was one of the more bizarre concepts on this earth. and they did a pretty damn good Job of it!


Mother Nature responds…

_1120939 If you recall, I have been quite pleased with the awesomeness of this winter, in particular the LACK of snow in my neck of the woods. Mother nature decided she wasn’t going to let me have my cake and eat it…


Shots #44 Winter 2010-11


This might be the best winter I have experienced here. Leaving aside the recent brutally bitter cold and my massive use of kerosene, I am thouroughly enjoying this winter compared to the previous 2.

My first winter here was a shocker. February gets down to Harrismith levels but even during Jozi temps, the lack of insulation made it brutal. Apparently it was a warm winter. The lakes didn't fully freeze and there wasn’t much great snow on the slopes. In total it had snowed 4 times in Shibukawa and there was a good load of piled up ice around the place.

My second winter here I was prepared for, or so I thought, It was quite a bit colder than the previous year. There was record snow in Shibukawa and it snowed 7 or 8 times (I lost count) and it was quite annoying getting around. The ski goers were going on and on about that white fluffy crap… I on the other hand had not been so depressed in my life.

This year seems to be the best of both worlds. The slopes are covered in craptonnes of the finest powder (thats good right?) and only once so far has it made it over Komochi, Akagi and Haruna to sprinkle 3-5 cm on Shibs. Added to the fact that I don7t spare any expense in keeping warm, It has been a very pleasant winter. My lady might also have something to do with it too. So far so good. It may snow again here but its already feb. It shouldnt be bucketloads.

With the snow is in the mountains… All is right with the world.


Over 9000!!!!

I just noticed I have had OVER 9000 page views. Thanks!

Tumblr and Bloggr

NO! I am not moving the blog to Tumblr. But I have created a Tumblr blog. It will be more daily life detritus than dedicated Japanese escapades, and will likely be a little more opinionated (be warned ye faint of heart) The last few days on Tumblr have opened my eyes to aspects of the social web that I at first, couldn't understand but now feel could become indispensible.

here is why…

Everyone goes on about the Tumblr VS Blogger situation and generally either does a feature comparison and never takes a stand (BASICALLY do bugger all) or they take a stand too firmly and go for one only and write off the other.

Since i have a a successful, relatively well read and as far as I am concerned, established blog, it would be stupid to uproot and shift. But Tumblr does indeed have a number of good features. I decided to evaluate it and see how it fits into my life and other social media concerns. I finally have come to the conclusion that Tumblr is what the Facebook wall or Google Buzz should have been.

Tumblr’s mobile posting ability is light-years ahead of any of the systems that work with blogger and it is far more centralized and browsable than twitter for rich media. I have basically turned it into a mobile blog for things that I need to get out when I do, thoughts and images. that I want to share but not necessarily with any real purpose or goal. There may be some mirrored content between all of them but I have found a way to use all and fragment them in a way that I like. A rambling like this for example will likely not be posted here again.

I will shift more life to there and keep this focused on location specific items. Nothing here will likely change. I am still developing an Identity for my Tumblr page, and it may never have one, but yeah. If you don't know me on Facebook, or if you happen to have a Tumblr account, if nothing else its a fun feed. Yes… This is a shameless plea for followers :p