Shots #96 Tokyo Tower

Japan, How it is - How to Volunteer in Touhoku

This is the supplemental video to my Previous Volunteering Video 
In this one, I give you all the info you need to know about volunteering.
It is pretty long so feel free to skip to the bits you want to know about.

Ofunato City Volunteer Center: http://ameblo.jp/ooshakyo/

Save Minami Soma Project: http://saveminamisoma.org/
It's Not Just Mud: http://itsnotjustmud.com/

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7 Days 7 Minutes (2013/05/20)

Monday: New CD (Korpiklaani - Karkelo)
Tuesday: Amazon sent me gifts
Wednesday: X-Box whut?
Thursday: Spectacular view from the top of Mt. Haruna
Friday: Follow Friday: World how it is https://www.youtube.com/user/Worldhowitis
Saturday: Karaoke Live (featuring Ibara)
Sunday: Blood Dragon mu~~fu'kurs!


Touhoku Golden Week Panoramas

Ofunato 2 years laterOfunato City

kesenuma 2 years onKesenuma City

rikuzentakata 2 years onRikuzentakata

rikuzentakata 2 years on 02Rikuzentakata


[Japan, How it Is 08] Volunteering in Touhoku - Tsunami Cleanup

A look at Volunteering in the tsunami affected areas of Japan.
I went up to Ofunato City in Iwate Prefecture to volunteer.
It was my sixth trip up there. This video is more about the trip.
I will make a supplemental video with more info on how to go about volunteering next. If you have any specific questions, throw them in the comments below. I will try to answer them If I can.

Ofunato City Volunteer office (japanese): http://ameblo.jp/ooshakyo/


7 Days 7 Minutes 01 (2013/05/13)

Monday: An Introduction
Tuesday: Testing a mike in my engine bay (Turbo Blow off FTW)
Wednesday: Japanese Nazis
Thursday: Level crossing (ZOMG a TRAIN!)
Friday: Follow Friday: SerpentZA https://www.youtube.com/user/serpentza
Saturday: Ramen at Tsuki-ya (Same place as the Reggae and Ramen vid http://goo.gl/9V8k1
Sunday: Braai


Japanese Box Cars


Japan loves cars. Japan has given rise to some of the greatest names in automotive history. The GT-R. The NSX. The Supra. The LFA. The S2000. The AE86. The Lancer EVO. The Silvia. Hell even the WRX STI is a great name (though it is sullied by the idiots who drive them.) Basically. Japan does cars well. Japanese cars are also known for their tuning ability. you can unleash their power and dress them up to make them perform/look any way you could possibly want. The results of which (when googled) will yield a never ending selection of automotive eye candy for you to drool over. Two cars that will not come up in that search however are, the Nissan Cube and the Daihatsu Mira… And that is because they are (usually)Fugly.


Reggae and Ramen (It's Not Sushi 08)

You never know where life is going to take you... In a field on Mt. Haruna there lies a most awesome ramen shop with a vibe that i have not felt since the last time I was at Cool Runnings back home.

月家 La-Men Café and Soul Bar
If you are in Gunma.. get your ramen on! Live music every Saturday Night.


Boerewors Brilliance

Meat is a vital ingredient of the South African lifestyle (Japan’s staple is rice, France’s is bread and South Africa’s is meat). In particular, meat cooked over the open flame. Don’t mistake it for a BBQ though. In SA… that shit doesn’t fly. If you want to grill meat…There is only the braai.