Tokyo Tower.


The thing about friends visiting is that they always want to do touristy stuff which I tend not to do. Its not a bad thing though, that way I also get to experience the OOOH AAAAAAH side of things from time to time too. I must say though… going up the Tokyo Tower at night was pretty damn cool!


平成24渋川山車祭り(2012 Shibukawa Dashi Matsuri)

Every two years there is a little bit of awesome at the end of obon in my Japanese home town. Once again it was the Shibukawa Dashi Matsuri and like the last time, I joined Shimogo for an epic 2 days of heat, sweat, pain and adrenaline...
Photo: S.Nakamura Copyright: bakadaruku.blogspot.com


Ebisu Circuit.

I have been sliding around in my car for a while now and have been saying that this year would be the day I took it to the next level and get my track cherry popped. In July I did.
It was no competition or anything. Just a track day with some mates. For me however it was a rather big deal. I saw it as a watershed in my sports car life. If the track turned out to be as fun as people said, I would continue to upgrade my Silvia and track it as much as possible with the intention to eventually participate in a low level competition sometime in the next year or so. If the drift bug didn’t bite me any harder than it had up till now, I would move on from the Silvia and head into big power and speed territory with a Supra or GT-R….


Shots #88 …I know it’s been some time…

If there is one thing that the mac just can’t do, it’s blog well. All the blog editing software that is halfway decent costs a fortune and still can’t do shit compared to windows live writer for free. But being my mobile machine it tends to be the thing that gets photos off the camera and thus I need to trasfer the pics from the mac lappie to the windows deskie. Since the SSD and reinstall on the deskie.. I have been to lazy to make my network work again… till now. Expect a bunch of backlog over the next month or 2.

Oh and we went to the beach too !



Pit ORC ~5 hit combo~

Photo 12-08-01 18 02 32

Took the bitch to get aligned at Pit ORC in Isesaki.


For car lovers, this place is basically The Grand.



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