Tokyo Trueno #JapaneseRides

A well kept AE86 is not the most common sight in Japan these days, One that isn't Initial D coloured, even more so. To spot one in Tokyo, of all places, however, is an absolute treat.


Halloween 2015 - Shinjuku 2 Chome #TokyoStreets

Because Halloween is so epic in Japan(and I took so many pics, in so many places) you get to relive the celebration with me, again, and again, and possibly one more time 

this batch is from Shinjuku-2 Chome, after the last trains had stopped running. As always, you can see the full gallery on the DARC JP facebook page and flickr profile.


Full gallery on the DARC JP facebook page and flickr profile.


The Legend #JapaneseRides

One of the most beautiful machines ever made. While I have a bit of a soft spot for the R-32, the only GT-R I really want is the original hakosuka. Sighting mint ones like this in the wild is always a treat.


Japan How It Is - Ginza Pedestrian Paradise

The Germanator stood me up in Ginza so I made a video about Pedestrian Paradise.
As the name suggests, Pedestrian Paradise is a paradise for pedestrians... :p

Music by Manny Marx

Shot with my "mad skillz" and a Sony a7S


Trains, Fukushima protesters, halloween & more #7Days7Minutes (2015-10-26)

An interesting, if somewhat typically Tokyo selection. Yes, it's a week late but that's to make up for the following week... which isn't coming.

Music comes from the Liquidata royalty free pack.


Halloween 2015 - Bar PSY #BecauseJapan

A halloween party night wouldn't be a party night if I didn't make a turn at my favourite bar in Tokyo. Good people, good booze and good times.

you can see more pics here (DARC facebook) or here (DARC flickr)

you can see more pics here (DARC facebook) or here (DARC flickr)



Holding Godzilla's Leash #JapaneseRides

Of the thousand odd shots I took in Shibuya on Halloween night, This one is probably my favourite. Not because a good looking woman is driving a GTR, but because the non verbal interception we had after I took this shot showed me that same pride in her ride that I feel when I drive mine. She recognised the driver in me and she understood that I knew and respected the driver in her. She sits in the best seat in her universe and at her whim she can unleash, and direct Godzilla's fury at the road ahead...

This socially-engineered pedestrian existence is killing me. I long to be behind the wheel of a sports car again.