Shots #95 Beast Reborn


Yoshitatsu Kaneda’s 470hp Nissan Silvia S15 has been reborn!


Trump Room and Ageha Nightclubs [On Location 04]

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After eating our fills at the Niku Yokocho, We headed in search of clubbing. The first stop (Trump Room) was not quite up to scratch so we hit up The Cyber Japan Bikini Night at Ageha.

For mor on this epic night, check out the blog post I wrote a while back:

(Epic Mission Tokyo)


Ebisu circuit. Much ado about nothing


I went up to Ebisu circuit this past Friday as I had an itchy right foot that needed to be scratched. I had intended to get a full day’s practice in but by mid day I hung my arse off the track a bit too far and fell into a ditch.


Shibuya Night pt 1: Pirate Meat!! outdoor style restaurant...indoors (It's not Sushi 06)

We hit up an outdoor style food village (yokocho) INSIDE a skyscraper in Shibuya. And the food... If you like your meat. You will love this place.
A great start to an amazing weekend.

With Johnny Jones ( johnnytokyo.com ) & Yannick