Des a fukkin dag o’ mi fukkin wall!

An’ you tahut ah was fukkin jokin’!
I get up.. It was an amazing sunny day… I decide to open the screens to let some of the rays filter in… and I see a DOG ON MY WALL!!!!

so I am like WHAT THE HELL…
I get the camera, go outside… It stays on my wall. I take some photos… It looks at me.. squeaks and stays on my wall… So I ended up petting it for 30 minutes.
Dogs are good at getting attention but this is one of the best plays I have ever seen. I know my neighbours don’t give their dogs enough attention/affection but this was a good move on the brown dog’s part. He seemed pretty happy about it himself too.
More pics of t3h wall dog:

IMGP5740 IMGP5743 IMGP5744
 IMGP5741  IMGP5742
So… anyone else ever met spiderdog?

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