YouYouAng Incense (JETRO)

Those of you who watch 7 Days 7 minutes will recall that I was hopping around the country quite regularly for work earlier in the year. What I was doing was writing promotional articles for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation. The pieces have finally been published. I'm glad to see that the editing on the pieces was minimal. What bothers me is that JETRO didn't publish the names of the writers on these pieces. I realise these were for promotional purposes but I somehow thought we would get recognition for our contribution to helping promote Japanese Businesses to the world. To be fair, I got to travel, and they did pay me. I'll link them all on this site over the next few days and If I took any at the interview, I'll put up some bonus Hi Res pics here and on flickr. First up is a Gunma based incense company

YouYouAng - Incense 

Simple and refined elegance


Kanako Yoshida started her career as a product planner in the jewellery world, looking at what trends and products would do well in the Japanese market. She realised there was also a market overseas for goods from Japan. She wanted to create something that was quintessentially Japanese yet small and simple enough to be used regularly. That goal, paired with her personal affinity for perfumes and aromatherapy, inspired her to create incense.

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Kanako Yoshida (CEO of YouYou Ang)

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