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Lightning Rabbits are cables. Some very nice cables. We reviewed them...err, commented on them. A 2000-word TL:DR expose on a gadget cable is a level of geekery to which we cannot rise, so comments suffice.
And so, read on for our impressions of this nice little accessory developed by LAT28 DESIGN:
• • •
What we Have Here Are: 
• Five-foot fabric-wound gadget cables that;
• connect USB power and data via;

• Apple Lightning; Apple 30-pin; or Micro USB;
• and have nice aluminum terminal covers and;
• come in three lovely colors.
We tested on an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 4S, an Android phone, 3-4 different cameras, and some other random gadgetry. Our test cables were the ‘Classy Silver’ colorway (orange and purple cables are also available).
Data transfer was never a problem, so herein we're really we're talking form, use, and value. So, to get the ball rolling...

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You get some of my witty commentary and a gallery of my photography (albeit of a cable) but hey published content is published content. No jokes though. If you must buy a cable, these are pretty good.

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