Pop 'n' Cute - Harajuku Kawaii Fashion and Music Event Report (AkihabaraNews.com)

Squee! the System 
Mainstream Japanese society is boring. One could argue that mainstream society globally is never exciting, but the homogenous nature and stubborn adherence to routines and social hierarchies make this island nation particularly dull.
Being that it's a free country, however, those individuals who don’t fancy themselves following the herd don’t have to. As a result of the extremely dull mainstream, the subcultures that have formed in reaction to it are equally, albeit inversely extreme. And thats the stuff that we tend to associate with Japan.
The Harajuku Kawaii Scene is one such subculture, and at the POP'N'CUTE event at Shibuya Milkyway on May 24th 2014, we got to experience it first hand.

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 Do it. I rate this as one of my best pieces since my Otaku Magazine days. got 3 videos and a craptonne of kawaii pictures too.

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