It's not me Tokyo, It's you.

Those of you who've been following my 7 Days 7 Minutes vids and a few of my posts here will likely know that Ive been having some serious bowl problems. after 2 endoscopies and numerous blood tests, The diagnosis is finally in..


Doc reckons that I have other things in my life that are worrying me and that stress is causing my problems, and worrying about the problems causes no stress. and so it repeats. He also reckons I need to see a shrink.

All of this got really bad when I moved to the big city so Whatever has gone awry in my life has happened here and It needs to be addressed before I can start chilling out and then hopefully my body will stop giving me grief. Knowing nothing is wrong with me doesn't help the fact that the stomach is churning as I type this, And that Ive been nauseous since last night.

Wikipedia says that this is actually a thing. Physical symptoms of indigestion without anything actually being wrong. It's not fun but I'm not going to worry about it anymore lest it gets worse.

unrelated pics are unrelated... but awesome.

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