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2014 Tokyo Auto Salon 
For when your car needs a facial and a manicure...Okay. Maybe not.
Held January 10-12 at Chiba City’s Makuhari Messe convention center, this year’s event drew a staggering 296,714 visitors! The first event, held back in 1983 by Option Tuning Magazine, was an effort to promote car customisation and tuning culture.
The event has steadily grown over the years, and 2014 was billed as the largest custom car show in the world....


And now the backstory...

Tokyo Autosalon 2014


I began contributing to Akihabara News at the beginning of the year. This was my first feature for them.

The event itself was a petrolhead's dream.  I was impressed with the state of the tuner industry in Japan this year. The last time I went things looked a little stagnant. The work itself was a 3 way effort. Words, Photos and Video.

I will be posting my own gallery with photos from the event during the week... till then, enjoy the video and check out the gallery on Akihabara News.

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