CP+ 2014 Day 1: The best in Camera and Photo Imaging Technology (AkihabaraNews.com)

CP+ 2014, or the Camera and Photo Imaging Show is currently being held over 4 days at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Centre (Feb 13 -16).
As is spashed on the event website and proclaimed by our press kit, the event theme is:
“Joy and Beauty through Advance Photo Imaging Technology” [sic]
…and were it phrased as a question, the best answer would be YES! That’s right, All-CAPS yes.
To break it down, all the big (and many not so big) names in the Photo and Imaging industry are here with their latest products on show. AkihabaraNews has a good deal of in-depth coverage on the way, but the quick and dirty highlights run along the lines of:

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I 'm serious. It's a pretty good short piece, even if I say so myself :p go read it!
There is also a good deal more coming.

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