Blogging without Windows Blog Writer...

My PC died... and I was too busy/lazy to get new components to rebuild (and all the troubleshooting that goes with it) so I got a mac. I know. Blasphemy. It does the job and it's portable... which has helped me a good deal since getting it mind you.

Life without Windows Blog Writer Is terrifying. Mostly because the blogger post interface is garbage and the images don't do what you tell them to... I also have some serious thinking to do with regards to my online presence and bringing together both my work and my hobbies.

Things may be a bit thin for a while but when all is sorted there will be a deluge of content to make up for all of the downtime.

I know I can just install windows and windows blog writer (I my just do that) but at the same time I am pushing my computing comfort zones so why not give the other options out there a spin for a bit.

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