Konbini Raids (AkihabaraNews.com)

Bizarre Best; Minute or Less
コンビニkonbini, pronounced “cone-bee-knee,” is Japanese for 'Convenience Store.' Occasionally anchoring entire neighborhoods, J-convenience stores are indispensable, vital hubs of commerce. Full of the delicious, the interesting, and the inexplicable, they are the glue that holds Japanese society together.
Not really. But, 
kind of.

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I'm posting all the current raids in this post. In future I'll put them up as they go out. But backlogs need to be un-backlogged. What do you think about these? Hell what do you think about all my Akihabara News content in general?

Incidentally if you wanna watch the videos but are just not keen on the tech website vibe (I know some of you may not dig it) I have a playlist on my YouTube channel that links them...

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