If there’s grass on the wicket…

On my third day in 'ape town I met up with my oldest and best friend (We have been friends since grade 2) We hit up day two of the third test at Sahara Park Newlands. For those of you that have no Idea what I just said… Basically we went to watch cricket live.

I am not going to go into an explanation of the game here because even if I could describe the basics in a way that you could visualise it, the fact of the matter is It won’t make any sense anyway. Contrary to what I tell Japanese people to avoid explaining it, IT IS NOTHING LIKE BASEBALL.
It is not boring for starters… Ok people in Japanerica and The American Reich do enjoy their bat and ball game and that's good for them, but personally I find the 5 minutes of sign language between each ball tedious and I hate the fact that it seems to be a Pitcher VS batsman game with comparatively little tactical field placement. Different strokes.
It was my first time at Newlands and it is every bit as beautiful a ground as I had envisaged. My bro had selected good seats so we only had to battle the sun till lunch then the scoreboard shaded us from it’s inferno.
We picked the right day too. We witnessed Kallis get his double century and saw our team post a rather spectacular total. The excellent play however left a bit a of a sour taste in my mouth because We had brutalised Sri Lanka in the first Test, Then we threw the game in the second only to brutalise them again here. Our team was a in a completely different class to theirs but we still lost the 2nd test. IT STINKS OF MATCH FIXING. Hell we cold have taken the game away from them many times in the 2nd test and we threw it away very stupidly and suspiciously.
Cricket has always been corrupt but like governments, corporations and every other greedy moneygrubbing scumbag banker on this earth they don’t even pretend to be honest anymore. The plague runs through the management board and in to every facet of society. Yes South Africa was a lot prettier when I wasn’t there to see the shit happening. I dislike the corruption and greed in Japan less because while it exists here, It is only my adopted home, not my birthplace. It hurts me to see my home country succumb to the greed that is destroying the world right now.

Yes. I felt this way with every partnership we made, with every 50 runs on the board, with every stroke played and with every boundary we reached.
That said. It was a great game to watch though. With some really class cricket. The seven pints of Castle draught definitely helped.

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