Montecasino in Japan! Venus Fort, Odaiba.

Before I went home, when I was last in Odaiba, we went through to Venus Fort (I have the urge to call it Venus Frot for some reason, even though I like the place)
The big deal for me was the uncanny similarity between it and Montecasino back in SA. Basically the whole indoor outdoors Italian jive. I am willing to bet that there is a link somewhere but to be honest, I couldn’t give two shits in a chardonnay.
I was rather homesick at the time (read: the tail end of a bitter winter) and anything that reminded me of home, even the places I where the scum gathers was refreshing.
I must say however, I did enjoy the place a whole lot more and unlike Monte, I actually cannot wait till I go back there again. Not so much for the decor or shopping, but the Food. Russian food in particular.
I ate my first ever Borscht and Josephine Henrietta Christ!!! it was good. Every bite down to the last drop of soup. Spectacular. And it was not just my naive tongue either. Luka has experience from the old country and he agrees that this food does the Motherland proud.

in soviet russia, food eats YOU!

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