Shots #44 Winter 2010-11


This might be the best winter I have experienced here. Leaving aside the recent brutally bitter cold and my massive use of kerosene, I am thouroughly enjoying this winter compared to the previous 2.

My first winter here was a shocker. February gets down to Harrismith levels but even during Jozi temps, the lack of insulation made it brutal. Apparently it was a warm winter. The lakes didn't fully freeze and there wasn’t much great snow on the slopes. In total it had snowed 4 times in Shibukawa and there was a good load of piled up ice around the place.

My second winter here I was prepared for, or so I thought, It was quite a bit colder than the previous year. There was record snow in Shibukawa and it snowed 7 or 8 times (I lost count) and it was quite annoying getting around. The ski goers were going on and on about that white fluffy crap… I on the other hand had not been so depressed in my life.

This year seems to be the best of both worlds. The slopes are covered in craptonnes of the finest powder (thats good right?) and only once so far has it made it over Komochi, Akagi and Haruna to sprinkle 3-5 cm on Shibs. Added to the fact that I don7t spare any expense in keeping warm, It has been a very pleasant winter. My lady might also have something to do with it too. So far so good. It may snow again here but its already feb. It shouldnt be bucketloads.

With the snow is in the mountains… All is right with the world.

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