Duet and a sexy wallpaper

Since switching to the macbook, the lack of screen real estate has been a big problem, especially for work. Since i had the old retina iPad I looked into screensharing apps to get a little more space on my desktop. I settle don duet because it works over the USB cable, not wifi, so there is less lag. It does the job. I now have a place to dump my footage library in premier, making editing a little less cluttered. Yes a proper display would have been both bigger and faster... but I'm poor and the app was way cheaper than an actual display.

I've also sliced up a few of my photos to use as wallpapers on it. I reckon you guys might like this one, from the 2015 Tokyo Autosalon, so I'm putting it up. feel free to use as a wallpaper on any device you want. If you wanna do more with it, drop me a line and we can discuss things (I can also give you a better res version).


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