Bringing the Pain: Pacific Racing's LOVE LIVE! Itasha GT300 Porsche 911 (AkihabaraNews.com)

This is a quick English creative regurgitation of a Japanese article that I did for Akihabara News. Pics aren't mine but they are nice so be sure click through to the article.

Ouch Vehicle? 
Itasha is a term made by combining the Japanese word for painful (itai) and car (jidosha), and it basically means just that: Painful Car. The term describe cars that are usually covered in pictures of anime or game characters.
Whether the name came about because it is painful to be seen driving one or because they are painful to look at, there is a small niche otaku sect that likes that kind of pain.

Read the rest of the article and drool over the pictures of the car and the sexy racequeens at AkihabaraNews.com.

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