Downtown Kawasaki (A Lazy Saturday)

'Twas a nice lazy Saturday. Spent most of it indoors because of the yellow sand and and terrible pollution being blown over from China (my lungs really hate this time of the year, and this year it feels worse than before) but it was nice to kick back and chill. did some ironing, watched some movies, and spent some good time with The Cat.

I've got another 7 days 7 minutes in the pipe coming soon. I also started ALTing again last week. 2 days a week at a high school in Kamata (Tokyo). Also got 2 nifty cameras from Casio to review for AkihabaraNews.com. So there will be plenty of stuff coming soon enough.

However today it was a home lazy day.

Have these pictures of Downtown Kawasaki to make up for my laziness (took these last week, I think):

Darc photography http://darc.jp

Darc photography http://darc.jp

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