Happiness is Steel.

Pics entirely unrelated.

With the bike I FINALLY managed to find the local city gym. It's not the best stocked but in the 8 months Ive been sitting around Ive lost so much strength it's unreal. I'm not going to even tell you the numbers I'm working with. They're embarrassing. 

I'm training again. Between that and having transportation Ive actually been happy, excited and motivated for the first time since relocating to the land of fakes and money. The work sitruation is looking up as well. There seems to be promise of more of those epic interview trips like the Yuasa Shoyu one. The freebies i've been giving away will likely stop being free soon. And I'm teaching again 2 days a week at a Public Tokyo Highschool. 

While it's still not quite a regular enough income for me to guarantee a certain monthly commitment to the bills, if nothing else I can help the Cat more often in paying them. 

And when I am tired of the plastic empty shells that populate the steel and concrete monoliths I can work that stress out with Iron!

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