The Pilansberg National Park: 2

continued from here

With the elephants behind us we headed off to ward the middle of the park where there is a bit of a rest stop. A long the way we encountered some striped donkeys.

There was also a hide along the way so we stopped to check it out. This gave us the opportunity to see some of the smaller residents of the park.


There is just so much life. Everywhere. But at parks like this you have an appreciation for them you tend to forget out in the human world.
After a beautiful lunch of delicious South African meat We resumed our drive and headed to an area which we thought would provide us with a good chance of seeing cats. We didn’t, but we did hear A lion roaring off in the distance.

What we did se a lot of however were Blue Wildebeest.

We passed by a pair of Kudu too.
As we approached the gate the animals thinned out and the sights of humanity started to come into view. Before we left however we spotted a pair of Eland. This was my personal favorite sighting as I have never seen them before. Truly Impressive animals.
We went to Sun City for a little after we left the park but honestly, after such magnificent natural beauty, The plastic, fake bullshit just didn’t cut it. So we headed back to Joburg.

In all It was an epic safari. As all African safaris are.

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