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NO! I am not moving the blog to Tumblr. But I have created a Tumblr blog. It will be more daily life detritus than dedicated Japanese escapades, and will likely be a little more opinionated (be warned ye faint of heart) The last few days on Tumblr have opened my eyes to aspects of the social web that I at first, couldn't understand but now feel could become indispensible.

here is why…

Everyone goes on about the Tumblr VS Blogger situation and generally either does a feature comparison and never takes a stand (BASICALLY do bugger all) or they take a stand too firmly and go for one only and write off the other.

Since i have a a successful, relatively well read and as far as I am concerned, established blog, it would be stupid to uproot and shift. But Tumblr does indeed have a number of good features. I decided to evaluate it and see how it fits into my life and other social media concerns. I finally have come to the conclusion that Tumblr is what the Facebook wall or Google Buzz should have been.

Tumblr’s mobile posting ability is light-years ahead of any of the systems that work with blogger and it is far more centralized and browsable than twitter for rich media. I have basically turned it into a mobile blog for things that I need to get out when I do, thoughts and images. that I want to share but not necessarily with any real purpose or goal. There may be some mirrored content between all of them but I have found a way to use all and fragment them in a way that I like. A rambling like this for example will likely not be posted here again.

I will shift more life to there and keep this focused on location specific items. Nothing here will likely change. I am still developing an Identity for my Tumblr page, and it may never have one, but yeah. If you don't know me on Facebook, or if you happen to have a Tumblr account, if nothing else its a fun feed. Yes… This is a shameless plea for followers :p



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