Prison Quality


The words Prison and quality are not often things that you associate with each other. In japan however, in an effort to rehabilitate society’s evil doers, they have an extensive “hand made stuff” programme. Basically every prison in Japan gets their prisoners to make stuff (As one does.) The difference is that they sell it to the public… Retail!

IMG_0969 And we are not just talking nice messenger bags (like the opening pic… I bought one of those.) They have a huge variety. amazing textiles, leather shoes, exquisite pottery and traditional lacquered wood. There was furniture, woodwork and even a nice selection of drool worthy wrought Iron Braais.

Everything was handmade. and the attention to detail was meticulous. It was not just good quality hand made stuff, it was easily some of the finest quality I have ever seen. It was made by skilled artisans. The furniture especially was work that would be more than adequate for the Emperor himself, And commanded a price to match.

I was absolutely spellbound by some of the items on display.

IMG_0970That's a R45000 hardwood book case made by convicts that is!


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