Mother Nature responds…

_1120939 If you recall, I have been quite pleased with the awesomeness of this winter, in particular the LACK of snow in my neck of the woods. Mother nature decided she wasn’t going to let me have my cake and eat it…


You could call it the first real snow of the season for Shibukawa. This  batch easily besting the pitiful attempts at snow she has dusted on us thus far.  I was not going to let her get me down, so last night I had fun in a parking lot  near the river expecting that the roads would be too frozen to drive in the morning.


By and large however the roads to school were fine. In fact the control was so good that on the few stretches that were at least a little slippy I deliberately got some sideways going. Mother nature seemed to have lost her touch. Normal tires tackling some decent hills and the best she could give was slippery sludge. Mid February and this was it?

I got complacent… and as I got to the very end of my journey she revealed her ace. The school parking lot was covered in a white duvet. big, fluffy with a compacted layer underneath. The front bumper and suspension struts acted like a snow plough until a little bit built up and it was enough to counter the slow push from the rear tires. I made it all the way to school only to get stuck in the parking lot._1120948

With much digging I finally got parallel to the other cars but not too close as any slippage might result in a slight kiss of paint. I dug out the area around the car and I hope enough of the crap melts and doesn’t change to ice, or else I wont be driving home.


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