Daikoku Parking Area (大黒PA)

On a little man made island off the coast of Yokohama lies a wondrous place. A simple parking and service area in Kanagawa section of the Capital Expressway. It is special for two reasons. Firstly, Its big, which is rare in that part of the world. Secondly Its isolated, but easy to get to. This has made it the most famous gatheration point for auto aficionados in the Tokyo  area. Every Saturday night, a simple patch of tar turns into a mini Auto Salon. I had taken my car to Tokyo… It was a Saturday, One of my car loving buddies was along for the ride… Why not check it out? _1120285 What I found would make the charos at Blue Lagoon shit their diesel jean pants! TWICE!
P1120238 There were the sound boys. More subwoofers than you can shake a stick at and professional grade horn tweeters created some amazingly rich and powerful sound. Each wagon was a portable night club. and they managed to create individual sound stages without clashing with each other too much There were some dancers but I gathered that on warmer days there are quite a few more. I will of course verify this come may ;) On the night however I was impressed with the sound quality. One of these trucks pounded and sounded better than some of better trance event systems I have heard.P1120281
P1120206 There were the lighting guys. You may thing your undercar CCFLs and led valve caps are cool. Yeah. Till you get LEDs on your brake calipers, and every other orifice your car has… You are playing in the sandpit. each car suspended on the roof of a nightclub would have been able to light the entire place up. In fact with the doof coming from the sound boys and the light from these guys, it did have a very nightclub feel to it.
P1120249 P1120189
P1120191 P1120248
We then had the Luxury VIP tuners. The blingaling mofos who like to pimp their rides to look all hip hop gangsta and shit yo! Yeah you get the idea. The best of the lot was a Porsche Panamera Cabriolet! Now that is some serious VIP!P1120226 P1120230Yeah… now that you changed your pants, I need to tell you something. Its actually a 350Z :P
but you must admit, it is a damn fine custom job.
In all the bling bling doof doof and kira kira the sports cars got lost in the background. A 360 Modena pulled in and nobody gave it a second look. Whatever. Its just a Ferrari. There were some understated beautiful cars in there though, including my Zenki, but that's not really the point of Daikoku.
P1120264 P1120209
TRON Lightcycles however, those are very Daikoku! P1120267 We chatted to a bunch of lightcycle riders, according to them, If you ride one, You will become a playboy hero. When I alerted them to the fact that they can only fit one lady on the back they replied that That way you don't have to deal with catfights, drop one off, pick another one up rinse and repeat. Not too sure if its true, but One thing is certain. These things are hotter than most of the gyaru that I have seen. I would gladly ride one, and in truth If I ever migrate to the city, I will have to!
P1120269 P1120270
There was also some W T F on the night. And being Japan… You know that W T F can get pretty damn bad”P1120291 No… I don't know either. It sounded like a lawnmower as well… forgive me for showing you that abomination… Here is a Hummer with a rear window projection screen as an apology.
As you can imagine even though it was on an isolated island in Tokyo Bay, the authorities would eventually have to take notice. And they did.P1120250 But this being Japan all they did was flash their lights and sound their sirens and politely ask the sound guys to quiet down. as they drove past one sound truck, another would go loud… if they went to him, then another would fire up. Like the panda bear, the panda car was at the very most, a useless space waster. The polite inefficiency of the police here however is the reason parties like this can happen. I don’t think they really mind because they know that its better to have it happen here on an island parking lot than in the actual city._1120276 Epic night, with a good buddy surrounded by likeminded people. I have found my LAGZ. I will go back when my sound and headlights are sorted. Now if anyone has any ideas on how to get the Nissan Cima Gatling projector lights into a Silvia, let me know.

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