Subaru Technica International


“Producing cars that entice the senses. Creations beyond Ordinary concepts. Putting control in the hands of the driver. Built to impress and thrill both driver and passenger. Our forte… An experience inexpressible in words. Sensation. A whole new driving experience…”


No I have not become a scooby fanboy all of a sudden, put down the pitchforks.

Those are the words chosen to describe That which Subaru Technica international produces. Yes it is marketing hype that only the rabid scooby otaku (second only to the VTEC Honda fanboys in their obsession and bias) would truly believe as gospel. The rest know it is simply marketing.


In truth, Subaru will stick an STi sticker on any piece of shit if they can sell more of them at a higher price. 

It seems they were not lying… It most definately is “A whole new driving experience”

time to find me a good solid bunker to lay low in for a while ;)

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