Let there be light.

The lady and I took a trip up the mountain to see the Illumination at Lake Haruna.


The town and part of the lake atop the mountain was turned into a magical illuminated wonderland of LEDs and snow… more after the jump ;)


It was quite a bit more awesome than last year’s setup. They had a good deal more budget and were able to create the effect of virtually (to my eyes at least) doubling the perceived luminescence of the entire setup.

There were also some pretty fancy dynamic lights in addition to all the LEDs. there were some awesome lights that created the effect of rain falling, lily pads, a funky green and red firefly generator and even frikkin lasers! No shit… They wrote on the side of the mountain with frikkin lasers. Because I was with my I enjoyed the atmosphere a good deal more than I did last time and I also wore proper clothing this time so I was simply cold, not frozen to the bone.P1110388

We took the cable cars on Haruna Fuji up to the top to view the entire town from above. It was as one would expect, a rather impressive sight, but what really caught our eyes was the stupendously spectacular illumination of the city below.

When seen from above and afar, I can only marvel at the awesome things our species has achieved. It was a refreshing reminder of what being human is all about and it did alot to clear away the increasing frustration I had been feeling at having to deal with the closed minded systems masked as culture and beliefs that are used to restrain and strangle creativity and imaginative thought. That creativity that built these cities, that imagination which brought us to this wonderful existence that too few of us get to enjoy. Its great to be alive, and better to share that feeling with someone you love.


here are the rest of the pics… Let me know what you think.

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Marianne said...

Awesome thoughts
Awesome pics
Couldn't agree more!

Thanks for reminding us of the hope under the history...