Haruna Illumination

The last post for this decade.
The other night (thanks to the amazing weather we had) I was able to drive up my mountain to go see the Christmas lights. The roads were fine, the anti slip sand salt made traction at high speed a little bit of a problem, but the traffic ensured that there was nowhere for me to go at high speed.
It was freezing cold. There was no snow on the road but on the sides of the road it was piled quite deep… I got up to the top and decided to see what was so great about the Haruna Christmas lights.
need I say more?

IMGP6344 IMGP6348
IMGP6355 IMGP6357
IMGP6340 IMGP6366
lots of pretty lights… pity the 7d is only arriving next month :(
I didn’t stay long. it was very cold and my toes got numb so yeah.


Reitsu said...

Ooooh pretty lights! *0*

Daruku-sensei said...
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Daruku-sensei said...

that was my exact reaction.