Summer Fun ~ MEAT & METAL!!!!

So I have been having a bunch of fun this summer and hence have neglected this blog  for a little bit… Time to fill you all in.
First off… A braai with my people. Yeah it has taken almost a year but thanks to Dan, I have dug up some shweet people here that resemble real human beings… the pics show it all… Tattoos, Piercings, whatever fashion sense and they listen to good music too.
The setting was a rather beautiful and well tended park just past AEON mall in Takasaki. Dan and Eddie hit costco the day before as well so they had a CRAPLOAD of real MEAT!
It may not seem like much to you guys out in the west… but when you have been in Japan a year real ground beef patties taste like god shot his load in your mouth. no really… THAT GOOD!

Was the best braai I have had in my year here without a doubt. Great food, great humans and some really fun and somewhat funny memories. SUMMER FTW!braai-japan5

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