Shibukawa Seisui High School Festival


Anyone who has watched a High School anime series (at least half of my 700 odd friends on the book of face) will know what a High School Festival is… For those of you who have no interest in Japanese Cartoons (Yes I am a big fan of them but I they are what they are.) anyway… for the rest of you… if logic has not kicked in yet… A school festival is essentially a fête (and if you still don't know what that is then 仕方がない)




Brian mailed us to give it a squiz, SO Michelle and I rolled up the hill to see what the big deal was. I was keen to just see some of my old 3rd graders because I did (and still do) miss them terribly.

Each class basically had a stall/shop/event and many of the extra mural clubs had something going on as well. IT WAS MAYHEM! Absolute total Mayhem. Which basically translates to some of the best fun I have had here since the Dashi Matsuri.




As with everything in Japan to do with schools that I have encountered thus far was almost identical but nothing like the anime equivalent. For the first time I got to see a glimpse of the high school environment for real life. It was a festival to be fair but the vibe was clearly very different. a lot more grown up, a lot more fun. Also got to speak to my old 3rd graders…

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many of them were disappointed with High school. after all when it is your every day the gloss wears off after a while. The girls seem to have taken to it better than the boys have. I can only speculate why.



Brian has made a generally good impression with the ex Kita-chu kids. The girls love him (ahem) and the Boys are slowly getting over the fact that all the first year girls have crushes on him (Junior high is easier… ALL the first years have a crush on you regardless of their plumbing so nobody feels jealous or left out)



They also let him bang drums with them… and he is not half bad.. sort of stands out though (who am I to speak)



Basically between being mobbed by my current students, mobbing my ex students and hanging with Brian and Michelle I had a great time. nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

I went to school there! And met Brian Sensei. I was an exchange student from Chico CA.

Anonymous said...

I was taking japanese in chico ca also in 2004 when exchange students came from that school. I want to visit sometime.