TOKYO AUTO SALON 2017 - Stance & Stilettos - (iPhone 7 Plus) 東京オートサロン2017

The best Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 on YouTube (Even if I say so myself), Shot in 4K UHD on  on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus using Mavis.

This is the one you've been waiting for!

It's that time of the year again, and as in years past, Akihabaranews sent me to Makuhari Messe to capture images of Stanced rides and stilletoed companions . Unlike years past however, My camera was off at Sony for repairs and so I was forced to extract as much as I could out of my iPhone 7 Plus. Much to my surprise, for stills, with clever lighting, it churned out some impressive results.

It wasn't as good at video, but using the Mavis app, controlling exposure, and recording at a higher bit-rate did do some to help the video quality. Add motion and some fancy cuts to help people not focus on the noisy shadows and, as it turns out, something halfway decent can be extracted out of Apple's latest Flagship.

It's not going to be replacing my Sony a7S anytime soon. But for the regular folks out there who are far less worried about quality and aren't quite up at the enthusiast photographer level, I don't see any reason to spend money on any camera.

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