Hybrid Truth (BMW i8)

BMW i8

*the first paragraph may contain some un-verifiable, wild assertions

I dont like hybrids, partially because the eco lies are lies and the amount of damage they do in their production means that buying a used gas guzzling V8 would be a more environmentally friendly thing to do.  But mostly it's because they are generally butt ugly, slow and built for idiotic stick-family types who are the biggest consumers of marketing lies on Earth and thus the reason why our species is barreling headfirst into a suicidal extinction.

Until now... If i were forced to drive a hybrid (and whoever was forcing me paid for it) I'd get an i8 It's, it's quick enough and it's quite possibly the sexiest thing I've seen on four wheels!

BMW i8 BMW i8

I think I might want one even more than an S15... maybe.

For those of you who don't get the title (or maybe for those of you who do) , listen to this:

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