Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - A Preview.

I hit up the Tokyo Auto Salon once again this year, and as always it gets better each year. This year I rekindled some old contacts and made some new ones. There is a lot of sifting, retouching and admin, as well as a whole bunch of video editing needed to get all the content ready and out to where it's going to be published, but for now, here is a small taste of what is coming.

Thanks to to the intro of a mate of mine, I also got to to meet and greet the LB Perfomance crew. I also met the man behind all their illustration and graphic design. Who is, like Just about everyone in the automotive world it seems, a really cool guy. I now need to capitalize on some of those contacts and dig myself deeper into the industry. If I'm going to be doing media job, I'd prefer to do them for rev-heads and yankii businesses than the impersonal corporates power-suit suit ones.

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