I didn’t realize how much I missed home till the cat and I got home. The skies. The food, the vibe. It’s home right? It was particularly nice to take the cat there. She has been to many places in Asia and all around the USA but never Africa. Never even the southern hemisphere. I have tried to explain it to the northerners up here but the truth is
Joburg is like nowhere else on earth.


When we went back and met my mates and talked about all the things we did and all the amazing stories we have made I realized that there is nowhere in the 1st world where one could get away with half of what I did. There is a freedom and insanity about the place that made me who I am today.


The sad thing is that that excitement of visiting home also reminded me why I am so happy in Japan. Home is old. I t is known. There is nothing better for me there than what I have already done. There is nothing I want to do. It is the past. I can’t see myself wanting to go back there.


I miss it. I want to visit it form time to time. But I don’t want to go back to it for good. Even If I didn’t stay in Japan. I would have to try somewhere else… It was great to visit home. But I am quite happy to back in Japan writing this.

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