Live Hangout about the M7.3 quake off the coast of Iwate pref.

pic from tenki.jp (Click pic for source)
There was an M7.3  today at 17:13 in the same fault as the big one on in March 2011. Where I live it was Shindo 4 which is a measurement of percieved intensity. 4 is not common in these parts. There was a Tsunami warning in effect on the coast. The sirens rang out and people were evacuated. Thankfully the larest tsunami was only 1 meter and it struck an area where the land was not at 0m. A 1 meter wave in parts of Iwate would have been dangerous. because the tsunami barriers were all destroyed in 2011. 

Ofunato City only had a 20cm wave so everything there is OK. I called one of my mates who was cold because he was on his way up a hill but other than that, he was fine.

Below is a google hangout recording that I took earlier on. It is 30 minutes long and it was live so my thoughts come out of my mouth as they arrive and I am often distracted by the TV news. But hey. If you have time to kill. Check it out.

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