VERSAILLES spring tour 2012 @Takasaki ClubFLEEZ 2012-05-20 LIVE REPORT

The first time I saw Versailles was at the Chateau du Versailles tour final a long arse time ago... The last time I saw them was before they officially announced Masashi as their bassist That was pretty damn spectacular, but since then, I have been to some even more amazing live events and while the memory of the first time will never fade, the impact has since been superseded by the likes of Children of Bodom, BLOOD STAIN CHILD and Deluhi. On the 20th of May 2012, Versailles struck back!
And what a strike. Having seen big names in tiny venues before, I knew that the energy was going to be amazing. I was right. Holy science! It was amazing!!! I have not seen good power metal live since Loud Park 2 years ago and Versailles are one of the best (neoclassical)power metal bands in the world. What was even better is that I had a tiny bit of space to actually move by body, headbang and jump around so I could maximize my energy release to match the band's. Bugger me sideways! I had fun!
"While Versailles' image is as crazy as they come. They are musicians first. The fluff does not contaminate the experience for those who are there to enjoy the music... "
I got my fix in the lottery months before and had intended to go with my lady but she was unable to make it so I had one spare. Despite mixi, twitter and Facebook announcements, NOBODY wanted it?!?! Who the hell turns down a free ticket to see a band of this calibre? I resorted to more desperate measures at the venue. They must have worked because it wasn't there when I left.
The crowd interaction was funny but minimal which made for a good deal more music than one usually would get in the same amount of time. It is something that I think many more VK bands should consider. don't get me wrong. I love it when bands interact with us. It is a vitally important aspect of any live, but often bands talk fortoo long and mess with the pace of the live. I suppose. Most VK bands are pandering to fans of their image and posed personality, not their music. While Versailles' image is as crazy as they come. They are musicians first. The fluff does not contaminate the experience for those who are there to enjoy the music first.
I am not too sure what more to say really. There are those who would break a live apart song by song commenting on the little intricacies and subtleties of each of their (assumed) personalities and a bunch of other fanatic bullshit but i tend to just focus on myself and my enjoyment of it. The only real external factor for me is how much the other fans detract from my experience.(at VK only shows, fans just don't enhance the experience more than they detract from it... Sad but true. It can't be helped. Too few have metal in their veins)
Like science however, no matter how many examples of a phenomena you see, there is always a chance for contradictions to the norm. This show might have been one of them. As I mentioned, I had space enough that I didn't need to curb myself too much and while I couldn't get any of the furitsuke clone army to go wild with me, none of them did anything to try burst my bubble of metal. In addition, there we're others like me. Others who just want with their body's reaction to the music rather than the herd's predetermined actions. There was a hint of Trust55 freedom in Fleez that night. It was good.
"...honestly every single track was phenomenal."
As per usual, i had so much fun that I didn't keep track of the songs they played. Thankfully there are those that bother writing these things down.

1 Prelude
2 Aristrocrat's Symphony
3 Ascendead Master
4 Libido
5 Dry Ice Scream
6 Illusion
7 Love will be born again(Japanese Version)
8 Judicial Noir
9 Flowery
10 Forbidden Gate
11 Rhapsody of the Darkness
12 Vampire
13 Philia
14 -Holy Grail-Amorose
15. Soundtrack-"Vampire Strories-Brothers-"

1 Masquerade
2 Red Carpet Day

1 Sympathia
2 The Revenant Choir

Setlist stolen from here originally tweeted by @aotsuki_shizk

Though knowing what they played is a long way from being there, Jumpstepping to Libido was great. Vampire, Red Carpet Day and The Revenant Choir also stood out but honestly every single track was phenomenal.
It was good to see them again after so long. Between them and Sujk's Arkhelism live earlier this year, I have been able to enjoy seeing VK live again. It has been a long time. While I do intend to pick them carefully, I will be making a point of seeing a few more visual bands this year.
PS... I saw an awesome set of earings on one of the fans there... They made me wish my holes were still open.
PPS. This post was written on my iPad using Blogsy... I think this might be the first decent blogging app out there.

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