Pandas are useless.

It’s a man made island in Tokyo bay. Nobody lives there. Nobody is being disturbed. There are no drugs. There is no fighting. There is no booze. There are no Yakuza. No whoring. No date-raping. No murder. There wasn’t even any litter! The only people there are those who want to see/show off their cars and play/listen to the music. Instead of actually doing any good for society 7 pandas filled with Yokohama’s “finest” decided to close down Daikoku PA. Yeah. Clearly a bunch of petrol heads, music lovers and show-offs were a threat to the stability of the whole nation.
It’s because putting speakers in your van and bright lights on your car is one of the most horrible past times in Japan. It’s so much worse than pachinko, passing out after drinking too much at a hostess club, octopus porn and withholding vital information from the public, thus endangering the lives of thousands of people to save face.

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