Ofunato Summer 2011– Chainsaws and FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday saw the re-opening of the City volunteer office and re joining them gave me a good chance to re-connect with some of the people I had met on my first trip in May

Yes the photo is blurred. Deal with it. Cos OK-niichan rocks!

The city office is definitely a different vibe to all hands. The most noticeable difference was the complete lack of foreign involvement. There was just an ALT from Gunma, a South African and myself making up the foreign volunteer group there.
I was assigned to the factory gutting detail because of the reputation we built up on the previous trip. removing wall panelling with a crowbar, demolishing a bathroom with a sledge hammer and relieving wooden beams of their burden with a chainsaw was the order of the day.
Having an all Japanese work party compared to the very western managed systems at All Hands was a slight re-adjustment but not too hard to make. I must say I preferred the latter. As much as I like reducing porcelain to smithereens with brute force, there were very few creative solutions and too often the guys running the show went for brute force. Later on though the owners of the factory got in on the delegation and it got a bit more organised. Experience counts in all things and there was nobody with broad experience from doing multiple projects over long periods of time. That said. Anyone doing anything to help people in Touhoku is a legend right now, disorganised or not.
Things were going swimmingly till I got back and was informed that my car had had it’s face re- arranged by a bus. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of note. Their insurance company will pay to repair it all. Still… It is never good coming back to that.

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