Akagi Nights

A few nights back, some mates went up to Akagi to get their practice on. I joined them. and got reminded why I prefer Haruna when one feels the need to steer a little more in the corners if you know what I mean…

_1170231I knew that the course they chose would likely require a bigger turbo and balls than I have currently to keep the power flowing freely enough for the wide corners but on those hairpins that there were, I gave it some stick and got a little more experience for what its worth.

The general higher speeds required however did see me facing the other way even more often than I have become used to of late. It was a refreshing change however. I tend to run the same strip on my own so going somewhere different and being in the presence of the best in Gunma definitely  helped my confidence and got me to try new things.

As one can expect, I pushed a bit hard and did some gardening with my front bumper which did 5mm or so damage to the bits I had just gotten straightened after that little bender on Usui but it was not anywhere near as brutal as that one. HEY, one does not simply walk into Mordor.

Discovered a new problem with my beastie too. Now that the clutch is fixed its only right that a new problem rears it’s head (or wags it’s ass in this case) My rear left shock pissed itself so it doesn’t really do the stability thing too well anymore. Since they are just Cusco Comp Ss I am going to get a new set of GT-1 fulltaps and replace all 4 next month. Such is the nature of the hobby I chose. and it is a fun Hobby at that. In a way though I wish I had not been bitten by the sideways bug. Things tend to break more when you are trying to deliberately lose control of your car :p Life would be so much easier and cheaper If I could be content with a little Mazda Roadster and it’s amazing handling and grip driving response.


Who am I kidding. recently I have even been entertaining the idea of removing my amazing sound, stripping the back seats, carpets and just about everything un-necessary out of the car just to make it even better in the slide. I have been bitten good and solid. Were it not for the gay taxes on everything (and the taxes on the taxes) I would get a secondary to drive around in everyday and make the Silvia a proper runner.

Enough on this for now. I feel like taking a little drive because of it.

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