Shibukawa Bellybutton Festival

The annual Bellybuton festival was upon us once again and as always I went up the road to join in the festivities…IMG_1897

Yes I said bellybutton festival didn’t I?
As it turns out they were having a mini Dashi matsuri near the station and mini Ikaho Mikoshi matsuri up near the Tsutaya. to promote the other Shibukawa festivals. Azuma-cho was one of the Dashi teams that had come out. Being our neighbours, some members of Shimogo also helped with the pulling… and the momi

Needless to say that for me dancing around with a face painted on my belly had lost it”s appeal. I dashed home and put on what Shimogo kit I could find and joined in the dashi side of things. It was a little too short for my liking but considering my bad footwear (and resultant injury) it was probably a good thing.


I can’t tell you why but its the most awesome festival I have ever experienced here. I can’t wait till next year. for 2 more days of strain, EPIC FUN!
as for the bellybutton festival? Whatever.

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