Tokyo - Asakusa

After we had a good stroll through Kappabashi, we hoofed it down to one of the more well known tourist attractions in Tokyo. Senjo-ji complex in Asakusa.

I am not going to type up a whole explanation of what the place’s historical and cultural significance is. Partially because it will merely be a paraphrased version of Wikipedia and one or 2 other sources. Mostly because I a don’t really care about what fairytales drove people to build the buildings… I just like the buildings.
As can be expected of a popular tourist destination, it was packed with tourists. I don’t really like tourists, but technically I was one, or at least a tour guide so I put up with it.
I must say though that on the way there we went through the big shopping arcade that leads up to the shrine precinct and I did find some really interesting stores.
Including a shop that sells genuine Ostrich skin belts and purses from South Africa for prices upwards of 20000yens!!! Remind me to get a few of them next time I am home… I may be able to turn some profit.
In the end. The mother enjoyed herself which was the primary mission objective.

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