Children of Bodom @ SHIBUYA AX June 2011 Live Report… Amorphis was there too :p

It has been too long since I have been to a decent live. I was looking at the COBHC site with my lady because I knew there was bound to be a tour for the new album “Relentless Reckless Forever” and the likelihood that they would come to Japan was high… As it turns out it was only 2 weeks away. Lucky me. I booked, head to the 7-11, played and picked up… I was going to see my favourite band live… AGAIN!

Amorphis was there too.
Yes You can tell that it didn’t matter much to me. and in truth Anyone could have been supporting them, but Amorphis were actually a great warm up.
I had encountered a buddy of mine from Australia and we in turn made 2 other friends (a random Yank and a Finn) and as metal heads do, we partied together like we were lifelong buddies. Needless to say. Western metal heads and Japanese metal heads are different beasts. until the music starts anyway.
In the typical JP system all tickets were numbered and you waited patiently till your number was called. To me however I didn’t give a shit. I pointed at a random white dude I saw near the front and centre, forced my way to him, introduced myself and told him he was my friend.

“Amorphis were actually

a great warm up”

Once Amorphis started and the crowd surged I spotted my Aussie buddy engineering some crowdurfing so i joined in the fun and even ended up going for a ride myself. I am a fan of Amorphis as most people are, but they are not the greatest thing to happen to music in my eyes (ears?) They do have some great tracks though and the sedate pace got the crowd charged up but not worn down in any way. It was good fun in the end… and more was on its way.
So much more…
Children of Bodom is a particularly powerful live by anyone’s standards but when you ad the fact that they are my favourite band in the whole world they take on a whole new level of awesome.
Lets put it this way most lives you know some songs better than others and you take those slightly unknown songs as rest breaks between pits. I know almost every single track and I love them all. Never before the first time I saw them, nor since that time have I generated so much energy. I drew power form every fibre of my being. I took it all and multiplied it with the energy from the music itself and took the total and ploughed it straight back into the mosh pit. I was not the only one. The pit was not huge (small venue) but my f@ck it was intense. I brutalised the primary pit, started a secondary pit and generally used the boundless energy that that I drew from the event to keep them going even when the others started to fail.

Musically, they were as always. Masterful.

In a way there is not much to add because their live hasn’t actually changed at all compared to the last time I saw them. Of course the set list was different. They played many of their new tracks off “Relentless Reckless Forever”. But then they are Children of Bodom. It was the best live show I have ever been to. Many would disagree but then they are not me. They can never know how it felt to be there and quite frankly, ‘I don’t give a flying f@ck motherf@cker!’.

It was a totally subjective experience. I got my favourite music. I got my mosh pit. There is nothing else that matters really.

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