Walking Home

_1150189Spring is the perfect time of the year for walks. you don’t freeze or sweat you balls off. The Sakura are out (for a short time at least). You have winter blue skies and summer long sunsets. Basically. Its a great way to wind down after long day at work (Ok so I just have fun all day… but they pay me to do it so I don’t complain)
If I time my walk well, I get the sunset to last most almost my entire walk home from the school field, right till I reach my road. As the walk progresses, the sunset gets quite a bit more spectacular.
In winter every little thing becomes a massive obstacle that you need to gaijin smash through. The little curiosities of the Japanese way of life becomes backward stubborn stupidity and the system that keeps the country running looks like an oppressive brainwashing factory that dumbs the masses into obedient bleeting sheep.
While in truth All those things don’t actually change. It does not matter as much when the weather is fine and the skies are aflame. Spring is a new beginning. A chance to repair your frayed nerves and warm your frozen bones.
And there is just somethng about sunsets in General that are just so powerful. Yes, You will say that this has nothing on back home. It is true. African sunsets are mindblowing. But any sunset. Is such an awe inspiring thing. Regardless of where we see it.
Think about it. We are on  a rock hurtling through space at breakneck speeds around a nuclear chain reaction. All the things that have happened on an atomic scale for billions of years to give us the chance to just enjoy the view.
Yet how many of these magnificent sunsets do we actually see? How often do we ignore these little yet spectacular events because our lives demand it. People forget to take in the fact that our lives mean nothing if we don’t truly live them.
We are told that fun is something to be done after work. Slaving away so the fatcats can have our pay. They don’t own the skies. and they can’t tax our eyes. The next time the skies go red. LOOK UP!

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