Initial D Tourism

A friend of mine from SA (Currently living in Tokyo) came to Gunma for the first time. I took him to school and let the Kids grill him for a day. They were well pleased with the distraction.P1150050

After a brief stop at the Physio (I had an appointment… It couldn’t be helped) we then went up Mt.Haruna. As it so happens he too is a huge fan of Initial D.
Every turn is an attraction if you know what you are looking at and what happens on them. Even more so if you have played the game because it is turn for turn identical to the real deal! We paused for a bit at the water tower START/FINISH line then went to the lake.
I have been up there many times. Too many to count, but this must have been the calmest I have ever seen the waters. Of course there was a breeze… It IS Gunma, but it was surprisingly gentle.
We went down via Ikaho, Hit up an Onsen and had Some epic ramen for dinner at Rokumonsen –Essence- All in all. A nice little midweek trip.

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