Over the hills and far away…

Long drive 2 of this year. It was mind-blowingly good. Intense and Hectic, But good. We started up Mt.Haruna and were greeted by the perfect driving weather, clear blue skies and warm sun (while the windows were closed anyway) and perfect visibility. We stopped off at the primary lookout point on the main touge and were stupefied at Just how far we could see. I have never been up there during the day when it was that clear… And I have been up there many many times.

We then headed to the spot where I took her the night we first kissed. I was expecting it to be totally iced over, but apart from some patches of hardened slush, it was fine.
From there to the top where we got to see the last floats of Ice on the lake.P1140602
From then it was all fun times for me. We headed down the Haruna Shrine road, into Takasaki, Over Jizo Pass into Annaka from where we took the legendary Usui Touge Toward Karuizawa in Nagano.
The Zenki ate the curves like a ravenous beast. It was amazing. My lady was feeling a little carsick though and ended up taking a nap… I suppose the bumping and jarring of a firm suspension and the continuous winding of the mountain passes is not pleasant if you are not in control.
We met her bro in Karuizawa and had a short but good time, and a legendary Karaage lunch.P1140617
It was intense but all in all, still a great drive. Some might slag me for doing this while the North East is still barely scraping through one of the worst natural disasters Japan has seen in decades. I don’t have any response to them. It may seem selfish but we who were spared shouldn’t stop enjoying our lives completely because others are suffering. But this is me.

Total Distance Covered:

About 175 km

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