YEAH! Meccha Holiday!


OSAKA! It took me too long to get there.. and it is taking every ounce of my willpower to not cancel my contract and go there! Yeah I have nothing to do… yet… but I will make a plan… OK, Sanity returns…
Yeah. WOW! I have heard from many a gaijin how awesome kansai is… NONE of them have ever been to cape town.. so none of them know the half of it! Take the best of Cape Town (I am a Jozi boy so the mountain doesn’t really factor into it), merge it with the best of Japan and thats what Kansai… and in particular Osaka is. Sure Kobe looks like CT and even has a mountain and beaches (more of that in another post) but Osaka has the vibe.
Umeda2 Umeda3 Sky Building
We met up with Keiko and Takeyasu at the Sky Building in Umeda. Its an architectural marvel and we marveled at it.. but our tummies were like SCREW YOU, so into the basement we delved. of to the side of a hard to find passage way we found a hole in the wall okonomiyaki shop called KIJI. The master bade us welcome and as we waited for a free table he came to give us our orders… yes. He didn’t ask us what we wanted… He told us. and we said yes. He was right of course. it hit the spot and the taste was mindblowing. but yeah what an experience.

Take Kei
Jacqeiko The Yamadas
The guy!
After that it was off to Shinsaibashi to find ourselves diggs for the night.
That was only the first few hours in the city that I would someday like to call home…


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